Patients Misdiagnosis Rate at 40%

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In an overly congested medical system patients are often rushed through a doctor’s office, spending only the number of minutes with each patient, as insurance permits. There in lies a well known struggle within the patient physician relationship. The patient misdiagnosis rate has been reported as high as 40% due to the miscommunication through those errors in reporting.

Poor Communication

Physicians are rushed and busy entering your data into their EHR (electronic health record) resulting in poor listening. Patients aren’t great at communicating their conditions, as they aren’t trained medical professionals. The combination is a poor communication resulting in a 40 percent misdiagnosis rate. This relationship can change with the right tools.

P²I² Unbiased Health Assessments

Now with an unbiased health assessment, physicians know how to connect the dots for patients, reaching a healthier and happier person.

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