P²I² for Pain Management

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Pain Management Assessments

Treatment of patients with pain is a challenge many physicians face on a daily basis many times over. Having unbiased assessments is the natural evolution in determining patient treatment options for short and long term care. Introducing P²I² and our powerful medical health assessment tools. With advanced technology we are able to help patients and physicians reach a quality of care never before attained.

Patients Are Misdiagnosed 40% of the Time

The physician-patient dialogue must be clear and accurate. The truth is that physicians are poor listeners and patients are poor communicators, a recipe for misdiagnosis. A shift occurs where diagnosis can be reached more efficiently and accurately than ever. As a result medical treatment plans become shorter, medical costs for patients are reduced as patients become healthier. Using the P²I² application physicians are able to have a deeper, more accurate, unbiased conversation on each others terms.

Changing the Physician Patient Dialogue

Thanks to the efforts by P²I², there is a new level of treatment and patient understanding now available. Today we have reached a new standard for patient health. As P²I² continues to develop the technology to understand patients on a deeper level, in a short period of time the patient physician dialogue has changed. Physicians no longer feel burnt out as data entry is reduced to noting treatment and diagnostic options, referrals, and prescriptions. Patients now feel heard and physician feel more empowered to make informed decisions about patient care.

Our team continues to work towards a mission of meaningful patient engagements and better patient care with every development and technology integration. Patients are asking their physicians to adopt the P²I² assessments as part of their intake process.